Sunday, October 28, 2007

Failure: Always An Option

Alas, dear readers, my misguided attempt to not drink was destroyed Friday night when my dear friends, The Nice Jenkins, played at Pianos. Too much fun to be had without a libation. However! I did go down valiently after having one (tiny) Shirley Temple- soooo I can place a smidgeon of blame on the bartender for not making me a much bigger non-alcoholic cocktail in a proper pint glass, thus ensuring that I would have something to drink and take my mind off of whiskey for longer than 30 seconds. Valuable lessons learned during my six days of sobriety:

1. I'm not fun without alcohol
2. Not drinking during the work week is a very viable (and enjoyable) option.
3. I can never be Amish.
4. Spending Saturday hungover, eating junk food and watching The War with a furry creature is a pretty good way to while away a rainy day.
5. The Nice Jenkins are awesome! And getting awesomer all the time.

But seriously....

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