Let's Blog it Out has seen a lot of variations over the years since starting in 2007. But then again, I hope everyone out there has seen a lot of variations in the past six years! In 2007 I sported seriously awesome bangs, spent far too much money at Starbucks and Forever 21 and drank wine like there was some kind of global warming thing threatening the world's vineyards. If you want to read more about it (and where I am today) I've written a not-so-brief summary here. Why not-so-brief? Because I miss that 'ole gal. Daisy Drawler still lives within but it's hard to be a good adult and be hungover at the same time, you know? Life, unfortunately, cannot be one gigantic cocktail party.

But for today's much more wholesome purposes, I'm Hilty, aka Daisy Drawler, writer, designer, and most recently, proud momma of a sweet little girl named Birdie B, aka 'Lil Drawler. I've been living all over the Eastern end of America since I was allowed to get in my car and put my teen years behind me: Virginia, New York, and Miami, but starting September 2013 I'll be going back to my roots in Birmingham, Alabama.

My cast of characters includes my husband, JTS, my sweet 'Lil D, and my pup Issa. I'll be trying to write about the things I love, the random thoughts that pass through the spin class of my brain, and anything in between. I'm opinionated, personal, and sometimes need my mouth washed out with soap.

Hearts and Puppies,

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