Sunday, January 13, 2013

Third Time's A Charm

Where shall we begin?

Since I'm homebound and often bedbound these days I'm cranking this old thing back up. If you're new to me or this blog here is a wee bit of background before we begin.

2007-2009 Chronicles most of my lifetime in New York and then my move back to Charlottesville. I was 27 at the beginning of this blog - young and fun and full of life. O! those days. Lots of drinking and carousing. Daisy Drawler was a trip. Apologies to the family for some potty mouth: it was the aughts!

2011 Just moved to Miami without a job and dealing with an increasingly difficult health problem (more on that later) requiring lots of lifestyles changes. Very limited carousing, mainly vegan eating, and wholesomeness abound. It was a pretty boring segment of the blog and I got very bored with it and the nutritional yeast I had to drown all my food in.

So where I am I now in 2013? Well, I'll never go back to my days of petite debauchery or my days of veganness - these days I float somewhere trying to find a balance (well, these days a little girl baby is floating around in me causing all kinds of change but more on that later too). For awhile I debated starting a whole new blog because when I look back at past posts it's hard to recognize that person as myself - but in the end I decided to keep it all. It's my journey and history and sometimes its fun for me to remember the total nonsense I was up to 6 years ago. UPDATE: After much thought and hand wringing I have decided to take down most of the NYC posts. I still love that Daisy Drunk Drawler girl. She was funny and bonkers and figuring life out. But there were ALOT of posts and it's just not the direction I want the blog to go in even if it was all contained in the archives. Maybe I'll do a Flashback Friday every now in then for fun.

So back to that diagnosis. I promise I will make a valiant attempt to avoid TMI but it's a fine line of having a personal blog without revealing some parts of what makes you a person. But I will try to stay on the side of caution. Back in 2011 I had no idea what was going on - just that I had a lot of uterine fibroids, a lot of pain, and some scary MRI results. Over a year later, after several PET scans and one exploratory surgery, I got my diagnosis (and it's a fun one!): Interperiteneal Lyomyomatosis. Who knows if I spelled that right - I'm lucky if I can say it correctly. Google it and you will know just as little about it as most everyone else. Long story short: my body is so good at growing uterine fibroids that they grow outside of my uterus too. In fact, last summer two fibroids turned into an evil version of Mrs. Pac Man and ate two lymph nodes. Literally consumed them whole. A fascinating process if it wasn't happening in me. Will they keep chomping up my lymph nodes and bits of my uterus as if they were floating fruit prizes? Most likely. But that is a post for another day.

But the good news has been that despite all these health problems I've been incurring since about the time this blog started we are super excited to be having a little baby Drawler in April 2013. Due to my Mrs. Pac Man fibroids it's been a difficult pregnancy. What I thought would be a respite from all the drama has been nothing of the sort. Hospitalizations! Pain! More Mrs. Pac Man's growing unabated due to a flush of hormones! (Please see informative diagram below) So I don't know what the future holds but right now I'm just grateful little Drawler seems completely unaffected. These days she likes to stick her legs either completely into my side or try to stand up on my bladder. She punches like a champ and likes to make my belly button look like a buoy in a storm. 25 weeks and we are both hanging in there. Me mostly from bed, and her, through no fault of her own, also from bed. I'm sure she wishes we got out more. Me too. 

So welcome the journey of 2013! Don't know where I will take this blog. I love myself some mom blogs, design blogs, and personal blogs so I guess it will be a full blend of all of the above. For the next three months I got a lot of time on my hands.

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