Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Vegan Food Truck!

Yesterday I scoped out the first and only vegan food truck in Miami. It's called Mac N'Food . Nothing makes me more giddy than a vegan restaurant or vegan food truck because the whole menu is OPEN for business. What I didn't understand when I wasn't eating vegan was how limited your options are pretty much everywhere you go. Even though you are vegan you still have taste preferences! Personally I don't like asparagus but usually that's an ingredient in the one vegan option on the menu at a regular restaurant, so I slog through the asparagus trying to affirm that I'm eating healthy and this is healthy. But I digress.

Helloooooo choices Mac N' Food. I got the portobello and pea mac and cheese (the cheese is a soy mozzarella I think) and a sweet potato and collards empanada. Now the empanada was amazing. But, my jury is still out on soy cheese. The taste was really good, the texture and meltiness was dead on like regular cheese, but soy cheese to me feels very rich and heavy. One of the things I truly love about eating vegan is that I feel light and clean after meals- none of that "I just ate so much I could barf" feeling I get after, say, an eggs benedict last Sunday morning. But a lot of soy cheese makes me feel that way: full, heavy, and full of cream. Maybe a little sprinkle would be o.k. but just not a dripping pile.

Unfortunately, I'm going to miss the truck while it's parked close to my house, but now that I know it's legit and tasty I will probably track it down all over Miami-Dade.

More vegan restaurants please!

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