Thursday, December 18, 2008

Breaking and Entering

For months now the house across the street has been vacant and for sale. So 'ole Daisy here saw nothing wrong with bringing over her sweet puppy to frolic and poop in their fenced in backyard.

Since we don't have a fenced in backyard at Daisy's house, puppy thoroughly enjoys the freedom of pooping without a harness around his nose and the thrill of running through the brush like a crazy dog. Daisy enjoys the neighbor's backyard because it means she won't have to walk for 30 minutes before her dog finds the perfect spot to deliver his deposits

(For all your worriers out there: Puppy usually poops in the large patches of ivy that cover the property and on the rare occasion he does not, yours truly does pick it up and dispose of it properly)

But then, two weeks ago, everything changed when I noticed that the for sale sign was gone and that construction workers were working on the house. Oh well, no more free pooping for us.

This morning, though, I was pressed for time and saw that no one had moved in and the construction workers were gone and I thought, "No harm in one last time before the neighbors move in!" And I took puppy to the back.

He was mid poop in a bush when I heard the noise of a large truck.

Oh no. Not really. Not now.

I run around to look at the street and sure enough there is a large Allied Moving truck parking in front of the house.

I harness puppy as fast as possible and start casually running down the driveway. Just in time to get greeted by the movers who look at me and say, "You don't live here."

No sir, I do not. And me and my pooping puppy will be on our way RIGHT NOW, whistling and making furtive looks.

So long back yard. You were swell.

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