Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Old Man Winter vs. Unsettling Optimism

I hate winter. Words cannot describe my hatred of winter. Super hate. HATE with all capitals.

I hate wearing the same clothes over and over again with little to no variation because they are the warmest things I own. I hate shaving my legs only to get out of the shower and have the hair grow out all anew while I shiver and clutch my towel. I hate having no sunlight. I hate having to put lotion on all the time. I hate using conditioner. I hate static. I hate how it's always cloudy but when it's not there is that fake winter sun that gives no heat. I hate how we don't get to hibernate like bears. I hate how Obama left out "no more winter" in his campaign promises.

Basically unless there are Christmas lights up, it's snowing, or it's my birthday the entire season of winter can shove it.

But at my life coach camp I learned all about being positive and grateful. So I have decided to refocus my grump into thinking about what I actually do like about winter.

So here goes:

I like whiskey. Whiskey is a perfect winter drink. I like fancy dining. Nothing feels more cosmopolitan than a fancy restaurant in the winter. I like fireplaces with warm fires. I like hot chocolate with marshmallows. I like warm covers with warm puppies.
And I LOVE my snow pants.

But most of all I've decided that I will look forward with great glee to the beginning of Spring. Only 60 days away peeps! We can handle that. Even though it won't be considerably warm then- think of all the flowers and the birds and thoughts of water sports to come.

Hopefully I can keep this going for a little while longer, it's around the cold days in March when I really start losing my mind. If I lose it again this year- I'm going to have to move to Florida. And none of us want that. Hear me Obama? I expect change and soon.

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Wistar said...

Does "peeps" refer to people or to the marshmallow chickens that appear around Easter? Also, I think you look cute in a warm and fuzzy hat.