Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Interwebz is Overwhelming Me!

Hey former readers!

I've recently decided that I'm overwhelmed with the Internet these days.

Have you ever gone to the grocery store to get something simple like mayonnaise or butter? (mmmm....mayo and butter! yum!) and then when you get to the store there are like seven billion varieties? Regular Mayo, Light Mayo, Kraft's "mayo", Canola Oil mayo (a healthy alternative?), Olive Oil mayo (a healthier alternative?), the weird kind from a local company (I should be buying local?).

Yesterady instead of making a formerly simple mayonnaise decision (Hellman's Fool!) I walked out of the store.

Too many options for ole Daisy here does not equal a good thing.

Unfortunately,the once lovely and hallowed interwebz has become the same thing to me: Too many options.

Remember when the only news show came on at 5, 6, and 11pm? You got a local paper everyday and a national paper on Sunday.


Your information gathering was complete. If you were a real info junkie then you subscribed to a magazine or the Wall Street Journal or god forbid, read a book about your chosen topic.

But now we junkies have too many sources. On a daily basis I read: Wall Street Journal (in print! a leftover from my old roommate who forgot to cancel his subscription), New York Times online, Washington Post online, Huffington Post, Talking Points Memo, Slate, Salon, People.com, CNN.com, DesignSponge, Treehugger, various friend blogs, Facebook, and several other speciality blogs.

I'm overwhelmed. If I don't read these sites then I feel like I'm missing some massive news nugget and thusly am a terrible person for not being well-informed.

What if they have found some cool breathable fiber that makes tents that biodegrade in the ocean? What if the actress who played Brenda's mom on 90210 has met a tragic end? What if a guy I kinda knew in high school ate a taco for lunch? I MUST KNOW!

But the sad truth is that even though I read all these information sources every day I only skim through to the articles that look interesting and then I skim through those- skipping sentences or paragraphs that don't hold my 1 second attention span and then I'm off to the next.

I have developed an insatiable need to stay on top of current events, the financial markets, celebrity gossip, my friend's intricate lives, my friend's children's intricate lives, new ways to save the environment, new ways to design a room, different options of letter pressed stationary, different ways to cook lasagna, oooohh who ate lasagna in that one movie that one time?! Let's IMDB it and find out.

The interwebz has allowed my brain to become one big boring stream of consciousness that hits refresh every five minutes.

Sooooo I've been wondering where Let's Blog it Out fits into all this internet space junk floating around in the ether and I'm not quite sure.

On the one hand I like being able to talk about my random observations but on the other I feel like I'm just wasting time and space by pontificating silly thoughts in a public forum..Plus, after I left New York, funny observations declined by 85% while serious thoughts rose 60% and I never wanted this to be a serious blog.

Oh well- just what ole Daisy here is thinking about from her computer.

Cue Doogie Howser music. Good night moon.

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