Monday, May 18, 2009

Boring Post where I tell everyone a horrible tale about NYSC

Once upon a time I lived in New York, and during that time I decided to be healthy and join a gym. New York Sports Club seemed to be a good club and it was right around my house. Since leaving NYC last August- I have been consistently harassed about paying a past due account, an account that was supposed to have been closed many months previous due to my moving about 500 or so miles away from the corner of 14th and 5th Avenue.

This horrific experience hit new heights when on Saturday around 9AM I was called by a woman who proceeded to yell and scream at me about being past due, and owing money. When I asked for a phone number for someone to call so I can resolve this she never answered. When I told her that I had already paid my bill she told me Amex had reversed the charges (a blatant lie)- all the while yelling at me about how they were going to ruin my credit. She was so loud and unhelpful that my boyfriend could hear her end of the phone across the room. I eventually had to hang up.

So I am currently drafting a letter to NYSC about this situation. I'm also going to write the attorney general of New York about the woman who called me from NARS Call Center Solutions who could only demand my credit card # without giving me any other information.

Here in its boring detail is what transpired since last August:

"Signed up on 01/07/2008. Paid my initiation fee, plus first month. Set up automatic billing on BHK account VISA (# has never changed). For February and March I was charged $79.99....then from April-August I was charged $88.99 a month, which, thanks to them sending me my contract, proves they were overcharging me the whole time anyway.

I planned on canceling my account once I got settled into VA (lazy, I know). But they apparently stopped charging me for September and October, although I received no notice of this and my account # never changed.

Then a man called me from the corporate office around October 23rd and said that I was behind in payment. I said that I wanted to cancel my membership because I had moved. He said I owed $225.71- which now that I'm crunching the #'s I don't see how they arrived at that figure. I paid with my Amex and he assured me that my account had been canceled due to non-payment. I remember asking him multiple times and asking him if I needed to send a letter to confirm. He said no.

According to the "bill" they sent me (first time today, through a collection agency!) my account was not canceled- although I never once received one e-mail, phone call, or letter about non-payment and I was having my mail forwarded from NYC.

A woman called me from NARS collection agency, I guess two months ago. I thought she was talking about the earlier non-payment because I had still never received one single bill from NYSC indicating I was still a member. She was very nice and I faxed her the copy of my Amex statement showing I had paid in October.

Then on Saturday I was yelled at and threatened for non-payment from Nars Call Center Solutions.

So there friends and neighbors who still live in New York. Boycott New York Sports Club. They run a horrible business and are only out to get every last dime possible.

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