Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dairy is a very tempting Devil

Could you just eat the grapes and walnuts?  Right now I'd probably even eat the cheese rind.
After tons of research and reading, I now consider dairy pretty much the dietary anti-christ. But even though you know something is the devil doesn't mean you don't sometimes wish he would sit on your shoulder from time to time, feeding you delightful dairy treats.

I haven't really worked out how to do dairy in moderation (which for health means pretty much never) so I generally try to avoid it completely until that magical day comes when I will be able to eat a nibble of blue cheese and say "that's all I need" without polishing off the whole wheel. For example of my lack of moderating talents see a couple of posts ago where I practically bathed in a tub of nacho cheese and then dabbed my mouth with some eggs benedict.

But a rainy day of TCB'ing makes me dream of delicious, delectable, diabolical dairy. Here are my favorites in a very particular order.


1) Triple cream cheese
2) Mozzarella, ricotta, and mascarpone
3) Stinky blue cheese and Parmesan
4) Cheese sticks and Mac and Cheese
5) Fried mozzarella cheese
6) Cottage cheese
7) Greek yogurt

I'm salivating just thinking about them. But then I try to concentrate on how inflammatory they are and how they actually can increase cancer growth among other health problems.  I'll write more about dairy later, when I'm not wishing for a mozzarella cheese stick and a cold coca-cola to wash it down.

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