Sunday, October 16, 2011

Well hello there


Hi there-

Your near vegan on a cleanse hit a rough patch last Tuesday upon the arrival of one unhealthy parental unit after another. While I did manage to keep eating some salads, drinking green juice, and eating one whole vegan meal, I eventually went straight for the delicious jugular when mom and I went to the movies. The movies have my favorite weakness: delicious nachos with delicious fake nacho cheese. I ate my weight in nachos. And boy oh boy was it worth every smothered bite. I also managed to put down some eggs benedict and two eggs over easy. And bit of baked chicken. The chicken did not taste worth the stomach ache I got later but I gotta say cheese and eggs are still a delightful torment. But after the horrible stomach ache I went back to the salads and vegetables today along with a big green juice.

And then it's back to reality. My wonderful cook of a  husband (who also eats meat and cheese) is back home from the wilderness and it's back to our constant struggle: what can we eat for dinner? It's really tough and I wish it didn't devolve into cooking two dinners. But basically that's what it always turns to. Tonight I'm going to try some cauliflower alfredo and kale pasta I found on a vegan food blog. Hope it's tasty!

To see the recipe, go here:

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