Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Back from the Positivity Conference!

I just got back from beautiful and easy-going Tampa where I went to the I Can Do It! Conference. I've always been a huge fan of Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Cheryl Richardson, Carolyn Myss, and Christiane Northrup. And they were all there in one place! It was awesome. I got so much helpful information, advice, and, yes, positivity that I came back practically brimming over with good will. 

I've decided to add positive affirmations to my daily life (done this before but I always end up giving up on it) and add in prayer. I've also put myself on a 14 day news/facebook detox and I'm going to stop watching or listening to anything that is not positive until I'm in a position of extreme health and happiness. I learned that the key to everything (and why I've given up before) is that a good attitude takes practice, lots of practice, and constantly monitoring your thoughts and beliefs is necessary to keep it up. It's easier to be negative, upset, angry, and hold grudges than it is to practice positivity, forgiveness, and kindness. I definitely understand that. Which is why I think I will try to always do a little tweak or an update every year. Either another conference, or a video conference, or just listening to an uplifting podcast. It really lifts up your mood.

The best part about the whole experience was seeing some of my favorite people discuss their everyday life. When you read their books you wonder, "How can they do this all the time!? Sometimes life is really, really tough and it's hard to be positive." So it was great to learn the answer: They aren't 100% awesome at it either! They have really crappy days, and they get mad at people, and hurt people's feelings, and hold grudges too- it's the point of applying a daily practice that makes it easier for them to get out of the bad mood more quickly. To move on to something positive. That was really life affirming to see. To feel more calm and less anxious every day.

I did some crazy stuff at this conference. I thought when in Rome you should try everything out so I connected with my spirit animal, did a past life regression meditation, had people give me healing energy- anything and everything. Why not? I got nothing to lose. And although I'm not sure I believe in spirit animals or past lives it was pretty interesting what does come up during those meditations. Lots of emotions come flooding up and you leave feeling really energized. I'll probably do more "crazy" stuff again later. 

I'm sure to write more about this, but I'm off to affirm!

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