Friday, March 15, 2013

34 Weeks BAYBEE!

When, at 28 weeks (was that 6 weeks ago?!) I was informed that I should get myself prepared for the possibility of preterm labor - I became obsessed with the notion that if I could just make it to 34 weeks all would be o.k. At 34 weeks the tiny lungs of an in utero baby become developed enough that babies born after 34 weeks have a 99% rate of "everything is going to be fine" - to quoth my newly acquired pediatrician. (I didn't say that in the correct medical terms but you get the idea).

Anyway- yesterday was officially 34 weeks! Every additional week we can make it is the new goal but I'm proud of Little Drawler for hanging in there with me. Now if she could just get head down permanently instead of oscillating between sideways and diagonal (yes, obviously, my daughter would be sideways) so I could avoid a 1980's style c-section, that would be gravy.

Thanks dude.

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