Monday, March 11, 2013

Houston, We Have a Date

Exactly 1 MONTH AWAY (cue balloon drop, strike up the band, start thawing the shrimp cocktail) at 8:30am we will be welcoming Little Drawler on:

APRIL 11, 2013

We are as ready as we are ever going to be, house is probably as clean as it ever going to be, and I am ready to take a long springtime nap until that day comes.

We got a 3D ultrasound last week (I always poo poo'd these as gross - but found it mesmerizing for my own genetic creation) and it was cute to see her mouth and her smushed nose (she was too close to the ultrasound to get a good shot -imagine a tiny baby pressing her face against a window). It was exciting to say the least and my mom got to join in on the fun.

But I'll be a nice blogger and not share that photo with you all. I'll try to remember what I thought was offensive about babies and motherhood when I wasn't going to be a mother and 3D ultrasounds pretty much topped the list.

O! shrimp cocktail - we are so close to reuniting I can almost taste your briny greatness. Patience.

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