Friday, March 7, 2014

A Sentimental Journey

The air is warming up (I forgot how early Spring comes to Birmingham), daylight savings time is about to make me the happiest girl in the world and I have felt physically healthy for the longest time since my journey down a health spiral began almost 5 years ago.

I believe life has peaks and valleys. A lot of bloggers, I've noticed recently, call them seasons. It's your season to have kids. It's your season to work hard. It's your season for stress.

Well let me tell you I was in a real shite season for a long time. As people always remind me (like I would forget) it hasn't all been bad this past season. I got married and had an incredibly wonderful Lil' D.

True dat.

But I also have lived in 5 houses in five years (about to be 6). Made two huge moves. Experienced more physical pain than I would wish on my worst enemy. Experienced some loneliness from moving to a city where you don't speak the language, real or cultural. Had 4 surgeries. Been forced to abandon two jobs before I was ready to go.

I lost a lot of myself in this past season because I had to focus on that boring self that is just surviving day to day, not the self that thrives or grows or can give to others.

I feel like I'm finally, finally getting out of this season and moving on up to another. A peak (I'm just going to put it out there). This last month, especially, has introduced me to new people whether real or just in the cloud that have pushed me out of my rut into something light and new. I've been given books that have changed my perspective on everything from writing to purchasing to organizing to religion. I've listened to podcasts that have made me think hard about what it means to be a working woman, a productive member of society, and what makes one truly happy. I've devoured blogs about budgets and schedules and menu planning. I went to a museum for the first time in as long as I can remember for fun. I went to the park on a sunny day which I hadn't done since I lived in NYC so many moons ago.

And I'm not going to let my superstitions get the best of me. In the past, I've never wanted to celebrate anything good for fear the gods would strike me down. But guess what, they strike you down whether you are celebrating the good times or not.

So I'm celebrating.

The dogwood outside my door is opening up in time for Easter. Life is opening back up for me.

I've really missed you. It's been too long. Let's sit a spell.

Ed notes: This post originally featured Doris Day but I thought this song better reflected my mood.


jessviator said...

Can you share any of the books or podcasts? Would love to jump into a new season myself. xoxo

Daisy said...

Yes! I'll figure them all out and post back. It's a really random list.