Thursday, September 18, 2014

Existential Ants

Morrissey Ants ponders a new song.

I'm sure you do this too.

Every time I kill an ant, be it with my foot, hand, poison, or random object
my mind immediately shifts to the meaning of life. 

Human life.

I know you know what I mean.

Surely (please surely) you do.

We have been battling ants for a couple of weeks now. Neither traps nor poison nor threat of dog deters these brave little battalions from invading our kitchen. I can sweep them up in a paper towel. I can spray them with vinegar until they sputter out. I can crush them with my bare pinky finger.
And yet they return.

And every time I take an ant life my thoughts immediately shift to:

Was this ant a very hard worker? 
Was he a creative? 
Did he have a family?
A favorite food?
Was he really looking forward to tonight's activity?

And I just totally obliterated him in an instant. 

Everything he ever worked for in his whole life rendered meaningless in a matter of milliseconds. And his little ant family back in the tunnel might shed some brief tears but then they just get up and reform the food line and get back to work. Crushed ant #1 billion is immediately replaced by soon-to-be-crushed ant #1 billion and one. Do they care? Do they ever stop to ponder the whys? 

"Why do we constantly keep building these homes and trek endlessly for food when it's just going to be wiped out over and over again," one misanthropic ant may wonder to himself?

I'll ponder that as I trek to the fridge for some coffee and then get back to work.

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