Friday, November 14, 2014

The best question when decluttering.

Besides shopping my other favorite thing to do is get rid of the things I shopped for in the first place.

But sometimes you hit an emotional wall or a family heirloom and you just can't find the will to let an item go.

But then I discovered  Marie Kondo.

(Like all good things, I found out about her from Joanna Goddard).

I haven't read her book yet but I ruthlessly attacked my office and bedroom with the single most important question:

Does this item spark joy?

Wow. That made it so much easier to dump stuff.

Does this item spark joy?

Out went things that I thought I should have, or people had given me, or had cost a lot of money when purchased. Out went almost every last pair of exercise shorts I owned. Out went shoes and jewelry and books.

Oh so good the feeling.

Soon I'll attack my closet.

In the meantime I've been enjoying folding my socks delicately and giving them thanks.

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