Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Starting Afresh

Killing me softly with this snow. Killing me softly.

Now that I have had one week of a mostly healthy household I decided to start 2015 over. I'll give it a pass. Because even though it's my birth month and has Valentine's Day in it there is no getting around the fact that February, is awful. I have a special place of disdain for January but then I always forget there is STILL February and then if you live above Tennessee there is STILL March. But thankfully I live in the Dirty Dirty where Spring springs it's loveliness in March.

So yeah, toodles winter. Don't let the flower crown I plan to make for my door hit you on the way out.

Besides being ridiculously sick I did manage to get one more section of the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up finished: BOOKS! Which, by my account, were much harder to part with than clothes. I've been getting rid of books every time we move so my stash is much smaller than it used to be but, by my count, I have more than 100 books and I could only get rid of 30. Not too bad. I'm definitely still hanging on to my McSweeney's collection because they are "cool" not because they spark much joy these days (They have practically negative value on Ebay). And there are so many poetry books that I would give up if not for the personalized inscriptions. Kondo doesn't really address that. And she advises to not open a book so you don't get sucked in but sometimes I needed to open a book to see if it sparked joy.

Ahhh anyway. Although Marie Kondo wants you to declutter in one swoop, mine will probably take all year. Especially since JTS then goes back through my box (just like Kondo says for family not to do) and then prods me into keeping things that I'm fine getting rid of. It will be a long process.

And I'm still on Chapter 5 of Artist's Way. Lil' D has been sleeping in until 7 or 8 and I'm not missing out on that kind of sleep no matter what.

So NEW new year's resolutions:

1) Less screen time (abandoned no news whilst ill because it was just too hard - although I still am not the news junkie I was in 2014)
2) Finish Lil' D's baby book
3) Finish a quilt with my favorite quilter 
4) Finish decluttering per The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up
5) Finish Artist's Way
6) Write at least one post a week on the ole blog
7) Start thank you note project (more to come)
8) Achieve Nirvana (that's what my goals feel like sometimes)

P.S. I am slightly obsessed with decluttering right now. And this article caught my eye.

P.S.S. 2-4 inches of snow are supposed to fall tomorrow but I've got my eyes on March baby.

Photo gently borrowed from The Mirror in a story about a man freezing to death.

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Katherine said...

I ordered "Life-Changing..." and it is due to arrive tomorrow. JUST in time for Russ and I to go away with just the baby this weekend, to a cabin with no interwebs. Perfect reading spot, right? I plan to arrive back home, chomping at the bit to declutter and make my life magical:) I am stuck on the clothing issue, though, given the whole post-partum thing. I should probably punt that area of decluttering for several months. Right now nothing sparks much joy because it is all too tight around the old midsection.

Glad you all are healthy now. Come on spring!