Thursday, November 1, 2007

OMG! The day we all have dreamed of has come!

Dispatch from Alabama:

Forget Al Gore...the Nobel Prize for whatever involves being a  genius should go to the food scientist at Sonic who figured out how to fry (yes FRY!) macaroni and cheese into edible gobs of finger food. That's right kids. My two favorite foods 1. Macaroni and Cheese and 2.Fried have been merged together to create something that I'm sure will be a legend at Daisy's house for years to come. So grab your Pepto and get on down to worship the gods of Sonic and don't forget to mail some to me.


Lolly said...

"Fried" is not a food, Silly! Though this is why I love you so.

Lolly said...
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Daniel said...

It's because you had McDonald's Monopoly pieces and a side of marinara in your purse that I did some research. This has nothing to do with carrots or lean solid protein.

BAMN! is that obnoxiously pink automat on St Marks. For $1.75 you can get a Mac n Cheese "kroket". If hot food from a vending machine feels wrong at dinnertime, it feels very right at 2am.

Homer's on the UWS was recently rumored to be making Fried Mac n Cheese as a bar snack. Their menu doesn't confirm anything, other than that for $13 you can have a chicken-n-waffle brunch with grits and 2 grown-up beverages. Getting to Amsterdam Ave before 4pm on a weekend seems a little ambitious for us downtown kids, but admit that you've considered renting a car and finding a Sonic, and then it doesn't seem so bad.

Finally, the DIY types could follow this recipe from the Food Network. The semi-anonymous blogger type could show up at my door with a box of Kraft (or Annie's, you bobo) and a six-pack and watch some magic unfold.

Of course, some people have eschewed simple pleasures in favor of baby carrots; they're beyond help.