Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ask Aunt Daisy

We finally have a writer! Here is Ask Aunt Daisy's first question: Dear Daisy, I have a serious issue: my friend Lauren's blog is boring. I mean horrible. She never updates and I suspect her of secretly re-dating her ex-boyfriend, both of which make her a suspicious character, in my mind. Either she's hanging out with that guy or she's dead. Either way, her blog has taken a nose-dive. How can I help her? Sincerely, Self-Righteous South of the Mason-Dixon Well SRSMD (that sounds like an unfortunate medical condition), It sounds like your friend has changed her priorities. On a day not so long ago, she believed that writing her blog not only passed the time, but was actually as entertaining as making out with this ole boyfriend. And that was all fine and dandy when you celebrate waking up alone, taking new language classes, and reading thought provoking novels at night. But now that OB (ole boyfriend) has come back to town he has probably convinced her that, in a fight, making out beats writing a blog any day. Annnnd he might have a point. You can always write a blog- but you might not always get to kiss (we still don't know the affects of DuWop Lip Venom ten years from now) But! while I begrudge no one the right to a little grubbin' - I have a suspicion that your friend Lauren is a very talented writer and people ( many people) happened to read her blog even as she never posted for months at a time. Her stories are witty, entertaining and thought provoking- something this blog may never achieve. So the best that you can do, Self-Righteous, is get out there and pester her into writing- remind her while drinking coffee, sitting in the teacher's lounge, while shootin' the shit on a hay bale. Just break up the kissy kiss party for thirty minutes even if it means you have to physically shove a computer between their drooly faces and command her to type. She needs to reconnect with her talent and come up for air every once in a while. And we probably all need to remember this: A man may claim to love you- but is that really better than the adulation of millions of anonymous readers? I think not. Hearts and Puppies, Aunt Daisy If you'd like your own problems solved in a short blog post send all question big and small to

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