Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Leave the Old Folks Alone

Well, you could make her cover up her belly button on national television but you can't make her hide........ her......... doobie!. Gilligan's Island good girl played by Dawn Welles, was just sentenced to six months of unsupervised probation for possession, driving under the influence, and possession of paraphanelia.

Now Daisy here has honestly never been a user of  drugs, even the maligned marijuana, but I'm a libertarian at heart and this it what is wrong with the ole U.S. of A.......Mary Ann is 69!!!! Let me repeat: She is 69!!!!!. That's when I plan to start using the most drugs. And why the hell not? Your definitely no longer young, you've got money, you've got time, you've got nothing to lose....and while Ginger is wasting time and money getting facelifts to prevent the inevitable little Mary Ann is just trying to grow old gracefully with a giggle. So let's leave Mary Ann alone. Let her smoke a blunt in peace.

Peace and puppies,

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