Monday, June 16, 2008

Sundays on the Train With Daisy

One of my favorite New York City moments is the moment when one crazy person on the train runs into another crazy person. It's simply the best show on earth, like Gladiators for the less muscular.

Have you ever seen when two babies meet for the first time? Their mothers plop them down on the floor together and for the first five minutes they just size each other up. The look in their eyes questioning, "There is another one of me out there? No one told me." And then they drool.

That was the scene today as I returned home from way up at 191st and Broadway on the 1 train. Crazy man #1 was wearing an umbrella hat selling whistles for $1. Crazy man #2 was wearing a cardboard sandwich board that proclaimed the end was near while selling M&M's. They came from opposite sides, met in the middle, and sized one another up.

I was the plebian on the orange seat rooting for a whistle/sandwich board showdown that ended up with the exchange of the blue whistle for a bag of peanut M&M's in what could have only been described as the New York version of the Coca-Cola commercial where everyone holds hands, but alas, just like the babies, their eyebrows arched in worry, one of them had the fortitude to wipe their mouth and they moved past each other. Crazy ships in the night.

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cynthia grier lotze said...

where are you going to get fodder for blogging like this in c-ville? can the downtown mall ever get that schizo?