Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Final Countdown: Update

Somewhere in the midst of quitting my job, packing up my apartment, completing a midterm, and saying aloha to a million people, things, and cheeseburger joints it dawned on me that I have approximately two more days in NYC. Well to be honest, two more days now and maybe two more days later this month and that in all likelihood I will not be able to complete my NYC bucket list which consists of (in no particular order):

1) Ride on a double decker tour bus
2) Eat at Esca, Gotham Bar and Grill, and Per Se
3) Spend an afternoon at the Natural History Museum
4) Ride on the Circle Line
5) Take the Water Taxi to the Water Taxi Beach
6) Visit the Tenement Museum

But instead of getting upset or trying to cram it all in- I've also been looking back at the amazing things I have done here in the past two years, which include (in no particular order)

1) Go to both the Regional and National Air Guitar Championships and manage to get on stage at both events.
2) Ride a boat around the tip of Manhattan dressed as a pirate
3) Go to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
4) Experience New Year's Eve "near" Times Square
5) Spent many an evening with friends dancing and possibly kissing someone in various bars
6) Had Mike Myers make fun of me
7) Sat next to Jake Gyllenhal
8) Seen Dolly Parton at Radio City Music Hall
9) Gone to Parsons
10) Lived on a great street in the West Village
11) Listened to the other end of many a conversation with Lenny Kravitz
12) Made really amazing friends and eaten at many amazing restaurants
13) Eaten sugar fries at Florent
14) Sunbathed at the Christopher Street pier
15) Walked the length of Central Park
16) Figured out the subway system for the most part
17) Found my inner compass for city directions (found my inner compass in life, hmmm...probably not yet, but getting closer)
18) Been bowling in Queens on numerous occasions
19) Worked in publishing
20) Worked a real job for longer than I ever have before
21) Watched Chinese musicians and dancers almost every morning for a summer in Sunset Park
22) Been VIP at She and Him

Whew- and this is just the short list of so many amazing experiences I have had, which makes me smile on the inside, feel a bit sleepy and happy to go back to a calmer life, something I think I'm going to celebrate tonight with one of my favorite things to do in NYC: walk to the Union Square movie theater, get a box of Nachos with cheese and a big Coke and watch a movie I may or may not be interested in- all by myself.


swandad said...

Aw..... you're cute. As someone who made a short, yet immediate impact on my mental rolodex, you will be missed.....

Good Luck in VA.


pop quiz kid said...
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pop quiz kid said...

Your DONE list is pretty sweet. What's on the C'ville bucket list?

(I don't wanna stress you out, but if you have a couple hours for the Tenement Museum, you won't be sorry!)

(I deleted my last comment because I spelled "your" like "you're" and was totally embarrassed.)

baconfat said...

#22 is the most impressive (to me).

This is late because I've been on vacation for the past week. Looking forward to your return to the 'ville.