Thursday, July 17, 2008

Apartments in NYC: Getting Out is Just as Hard As Getting In

Anyone who knows me knows that "assertiveness" is not my middle name. I prefer passive aggression, veiled underhanded comments, bitching about it to anyone other than the party involved, and other wussy approaches to handling conflict...But my inner anger has really been riled up by the broker in charge of re-renting my apartment.

Today I got approximately a 2 hour warning that he would be bringing people by. Two hours! By law they have to provide 24 hours notice.
I texted him back and said no can do at at that time. I even offered an hour later.
To which I got this reply: Sorry, has to be then.

And for one of the few moments in my life I called back and confronted. I called the broker, I called the landlord, hell, I might even call the mayor I'm so pissed off.

The broker had the gall to act like I am "preventing him from showing my apartment." Mind you, this is the first time I've said no to a time he proposed even though he has brought over three couples when he told me he was only bringing one, showed up an hour late, and has tried to open my door while I was standing there naked screaming that I was getting in the shower.

AND mind you that I did pay my final month's rent which is HEFTY.

But just like most things in NYC, money does not solve everything, sometimes you gotta fight for what you need.

Although eventually I did let the landlord talk me down from the ledge with the unhelpful offer that I should, "let the broker know in advance when I can't show the apartment" (ahem, did I mention my rent was HEFTY)- I felt good that I said something...

Maybe New York did teach me something about being assertive after all!

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