Sunday, August 17, 2008


I saw Smashing Pumpkins tonight.

Yes, it was without D'Arcy or Iha....but I was literally sitting at my computer at 7PM when my roommate told me that the SP was playing tonight. We rolled up, bought tickets and one hour later I was 20 ft away from Mr. Corgan: without whom, I would not have survived junior/senior high.

Yes, the show was the Billy Corgan Ego Tour 2008. Yes, he only played three songs of past merit while talking deridingly about, "well, most of the fans over thirty want to hear old stuff."

Yes, Billy! I want to hear old stuff. Your music defined my youth and gave my angst a constructive outlet. I want to mosh and be despondent and quote Reality Bites while listening to Disarm or 1979 or Cherub Rock.

And while they did play Today, Tonight, Tonight, and Bullet with Butterfly Wings...the little 14 year old in me died inside as the whole newly formed (and might I add creepily look-a-like band) played "In the Summertime" on kazoos. (This was the band that I listened to while I dyed my hair red with ManicPanic! And they were on kazoos!)

All in all, not at all the best concert I've ever seen. But I was beside myself with happiness to see Corgan in all his goulish best thrash, skulk, and gesture around the stage. The Pumpkins are definitely dying- but I was glad I got a front row seat.

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