Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Since I'm in the middle of a move I decided to use this time to really go through everything (I mean everything!) I own to purge and organize.

While sifting through, I've been finding some pretty awesome blasts from my past: Like the notebook I found today from 1989, a notebook solely devoted to expressing my love for Joe McIntyre from New Kids On the Block.

On every page of a 72 page notebook I had drawn hearts, written I LOVE JOE, or an artful combination of the two.

So here's to you Joey McIntyre, you made '89 a very special year and for the next couple of weeks, I'll be a new kid on a block too.


pop quiz kid said...

fuck yes, joey was my favorite! and because he was the closest to my age in 3rd grade, i figured he was my best shot.

Daisy said...

I imagined that since we were only 7 years apart that when I was 18 and he was whatever we would be together for ever....