Friday, November 14, 2008

Prop 8

How I long for the days when my posts could be fun and frivolous- I was recently telling my bf about how I used to go to Marquee with a bunch of friends who had other, really rich friends and how we would be in the bottle service VIP areas drinking $300 vodka and dancing on the white leather couches.

As I was telling this story I realized how ridiculous it sounds now a mere two years later. So much is going wrong in the world and how could I have spent one minute dancing on a white leather couch while this was just building up and building up is beyond me. As my friend Andy says, "Ah the folly of youth!"

Anyway- that's for me to digest later.

I was really heartbroken about Prop 8 passing in California. I honestly just don't get it. If super conservatives really want to "make marriage stronger" or "preserve the family" why don't they make divorces more difficult to obtain- because I'll tell you from experience divorce sure as shit didn't make my family "stronger."

But more depressing to me was the law Arkansas passed making it impossible for gay or heterosexual couples who are not legally married to adopt. There are so many children in the adoption system who need loving, stable homes- more children than foster homes that fit into the Arkansas rule book. And a married couple is no more stable (due to the availability of divorce) than a long term cohabitating one. Where are these children going to go? How much more damage do they need to endure going in and out of poorly funded group homes and inadequate temporary situations to appease the Religious Right?

Dan Savage wrote a great article about how devastating this law truly is to children who need good homes- that (yes) stable homosexual couples could provide.

Please read and write someone about it.

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cynthia grier lotze said...

so true, daisy, so true. bleh. while we're banning things, let's at least do something useful and ban white leather couches, hmmm? :)