Friday, October 7, 2011

Heading to the grocery store

In my new attempt to get super serious I'm doing one of the reboots on from Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Not just a juice fast, it's juice, vegetables, and fruit. That's all. No nuts, oils, or grains at all. No coca-cola either :( But I chose to do the five day one while my husband is out of town so it's easier for all and I can wallow in my detox misery by myself.

So I'm off to Whole Foods to get my fruits and vegetables. I have mixed feelings about Whole Foods because I know they are way more expensive than other stores. Even their conventional vegetables are more expensive than say the Winn-Dixie down the street. But in this case I've decided to just go for it! I need to start this reboot feeling virtuous, positive, and happy and nothing does that better than a lovely Whole Foods shopping experience. After Reboot I will go back to tracking down cheaper vegetables all over town.

Which leads me to my next post: organic or not organic, that is the question. Today it's organic.

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