Friday, October 21, 2011

Naughty Friday

So after waking up with my 2 glasses of wine hangover, I felt like throwing in the whole health towel. Nothing is more comforting when you have a headache than food you love. So my dear Chef made me a turkey sammich on a bagel with mayo. Vegan? Absolutely not. Hit the spot? Absolutely yes. Annnndd then I had a Coke. Also hit the spot.

But! I didn't give up completely. I had a big green salad along with leftover mashed sweet potatoes and a fake meat product (also, kinda bad) for lunch. I don't really strive to eat a lot of fake meat but I was hungry and lazy and Gardein has some great products that actually have a wonderful texture and taste. Today was "chicken" marsala. I also had two green juices and thennnnnnn.......we had our first experiment in grilled vegan pizza making. The Chef was disappointed because the crust didn't crisp up on the grill like he wanted but my pizza was still great. Spinach, mushroom, and basil. See below. (Sorry for the photo quality, we are awesome at a lot of things but being super photographers is not one of them)

So all in all it wasn't a total lost and I think that for me, at least, without some days off the wagon I might go insane. Sanity maintained, coca-cola drunk, many quality vegetables still consumed.

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