Tuesday, January 15, 2013

List: Favorite things about being pregnant

It hasn't been all bad for the last couple of months - there are some major perks to being pregnant.

In no particular order I've relished:

1) Sitting down anytime or anyplace I please. No one is going to tell the pregnant lady to keep standing. Little does everyone know I've always preferred sitting because I'm generally lazy.

2) Pregnancy brain. Wow does it ever exist. And boy! is it fun! I've so thoroughly enjoyed being stupid I should probably be ashamed. But I'm not. No one expects much of you and when you do something you would have done pregnant or not like put your keys in the freezer or make a dumb driving mistake you can blame it on pregnancy brain! Oops!

Hey you got this? Cuz I totally don't. No responsibility baby!

3) Crying jags. Some people might not like this, but as someone who is secretly very sentimental and tries ridiculously hard not to show it this has been a great relief. Every year my heart swells and I've wanted to cry when the Rockettes perform or Santa appears at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade but never do. This year I cried my eyes out. I cried when the Olympic teams paraded for their countries. I seriously boo hooed while watching My Girl. I've cried while reading almost any book in the last 3 months. I cry whenever I see someone holding a baby. I cry and cry and cry and man it feels so good.

4) No guilt about eating truly terrible food. I'm one who has always struggled with healthy eating but pregnancy has made vegetables taste like motor oil and I just don't care anymore! After losing 10 pounds early on that I still haven't gained back - I need calories! Wheee! Bring on the refined grains, HFCS, and BPA's. There is a whole lifetime to care later.

5) Not beating myself up for using products I swore off years ago due to their EWG Skin Deep toxicity rating. If you don't know what the Skin Deep study is and have a strong constitution I recommend checking it out here. If you like life as you know it I recommend staying away. In the meantime, man, I've missed you Secret deodorant. You too cheap shampoo. And, yes, you too drugstore cosmetics. Let's hold hands while we can.

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