Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oh Sugar Sugar

My favorite food group

So I'm more nervous than baby Drawler will be on Christmas Eve in 5 years. Tomorrow is my glucose screening test to see if I have gestational diabetes.

Why should I be nervous you might ask?

Have I ever had a problem with diabetes before? No
Am I overweight? No
Thyroid problem? No

Well, why worry?

Well, it's a long short story. Since I had a brush with hyperemesis at 10 weeks and lost 10 pounds and then because of my IL (interperiteneal  lyomyo whatever) that keeps me in daily wavy pain and throwing up at least 3x a week, I'm still totally underweight for a pregnant lady. My doctor originally gave me the go ahead to eat whatever I wanted to if I could keep it down. He specifically said: Cake and ice cream and pizza all day. Well this suits me just fine because all I really want is sugar. And I eat A LOT of it every day. I didn't even like candy before and now I find myself guzzling down half a bag of sour brite crawlers and Hershey kisses. And of course I never throw up the sugar food, only the real food I manage to get down my throat every once in a while.

Annnnnd despite downing several pints of Ben and Jerry's I still haven't even reached the weight I used to be before I got sick.

So I'm sure my pancreas is working overtime and I'm worried and feel sorry for it. And sorry for me if I have to stop eating sugar.

Annnddd I really really don't want to give my body any excuse to throw up more and I've heard some bad things about the glucose drink.

So cross your fingers and say a prayer Little Drawler and I pass our test puke free!

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