Friday, January 18, 2013

You heard it here first. Sugar is good for you!

Glucose test was not only not as bad as imagined, but actually made me feel pretty awesome. Like a 7 year old on Halloween night awesome. I was on a major happy sugar buzz. The entire staff (used to seeing me pale and wan) joked that I should drink a bottle every morning. Anyway I felt so awesome that I was able to do not one, not two, but three errands happily. Trust me, this was a major feat.

I can only attribute this result to my dutiful adherance to drinking Coke for breakfast for most of my life.

Coca-Cola! Does a Drawler good. (Results next week will confirm Coke's ability to remain in my life - cross your fingers again!) And don't worry for Little Drawler, my Coke consumption these days is limited to small glass size every couple of days. Makes it taste SO much better.

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