Monday, January 21, 2013


Gap Baby is my personal form of crack right now. My credit card practically quivers whenever I open the website. So far, so good. But these cute little numbers have been tugging at my heartstrings. Especially the dress. JTS does not like the bathing suit because, "I don't want to get started with all the bows." To which I just inwardly laugh like a crazy person because of how many bows there will be and probably how many bows he will have to tie himself. He has also vowed not to 1) Talk baby talk and 2) Have cutesy characters anywhere in the house. I give #1 about a week and #2 maybe till 6 months if he is lucky. I personally would like to ban Dora the Explorer but I know that might be a losing battle as well.

All the cuteness you could ever want for $35

Sweet swimmy for $20

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