Friday, January 25, 2013

Today's Post

Was supposed to be about tackling Resolution #8. Oh you know the one where I cut back on Facebook, Twitter, and News. The post is already written and ready to roll out.

but but but

I just didn't follow through this morning with Facebook. Soo F- for Daisy.

I'll cheat and post it tomorrow when I'm driving to the Keys and have plenty of natural distraction.

In the meantime. I'm going to post pictures of beautiful books.

I started collecting the most breathtaking of all time reissued Penguin classics series designed by Coralie                    Bickford-Smith a couple of years ago. It sends a thrill of happiness up my spine every time I receive one of these beauties. I run my hands on the cloth, marvel at the simple yet super smart illustrations and add it to the shelf. They look quite charming atop my white "chest/pie safe/china cabinet" thing. I have 19 more beautiful books to go. Wahoo! I never want it to end, although Penguin always comes up with new, pretty series I JUST HAVE TO HAVE.

I want Little Drawler to have some collections too and I think a nice one to start off with is the Robert Sabuda pop-up books. There aren't that many and JTS already gave me Peter Pan so she is ready to roll. If you haven't seen them- these pop-up books are beyond the pale. Super creative and intricately detailed. They are fun to peruse for adults and children.

I don't know when I'll give them to her: 1) Early so she can enjoy them/tear them to shreds or 2) Older when she can play rough with them but still keep them intact? Probably older to keep them mostly intact. I don't believe in keeping things from children so the object stays pristine but the child doesn't get to play with them. That's what objects are for!

But I do want to do a little better than what happened to my mom's Barbie. My grandmother gave me my mom's old Barbie from 1958/9 when I was extremely too young (7) to handle an antique. I lost or broke almost all the shoes, jewelry and accessories. My mom took it away (nicely) and then gave it back to me when I was older (10 or 11) but by then damage was done. Although I had a ton of fun playing with her I wish it hadn't been given to me until I was old enough to play with it without ruining almost everything. Sadness. 

It's a fine line we will just have to figure out.

Some Sabuda books for Little Drawler.

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