Thursday, January 24, 2013

List: Things I'm crying about today.

Don't worry.

They aren't that big of a deal. And while the rest of the world is living in a snowman's belly - it's super sunny outside and about 75 degrees. Terrible for me right?

But I woke up today (after a night of poor sleep and two pain relieving showers) realizing today was going to be a crying kinda day and I'm just going to roll with it.

1) Woke up to a phone call from doctor announcing I had low iron levels. On one hand this explains alot. Why I feel so freaking bodily tired all the time. Over Christmas I had to lay down on the stairs and wait 5 minutes before getting to the second floor (and my parents don't live in Downtown Abbey). Could also explain why my heart races for no reason or why sometimes a hot shower can make me feel like I'm going to pass out. Etc. On the other hand I think this is just going to make my stomach hurt more. More throwing up too? Insert cry. On the plus side I can keep gorging on sugar - glucose levels were fine.*

2) While checking out new bloggers to follow from the Alt Summit website I happen upon this little gem of a birth story. About a woman who was 26 with no previous surgeries whose uterus tore and she went to the hospital and they didn't figure out FOR 2 DAYS (until she almost died during her C-Section) that she was bleeding internally. Did I mention I'm at an increased risk for uterine tears? Pass me a Vick's Vaporub tissue.

3) The web can be a wonderful place when you are in a wonderful mood. Looking for design and writing inspiration can go from being terribly invigorating to downright depressing if you let it. And this morning I've let it get depressing. Man there are a lot of talented women in this great country of ours. Where can I fit in? What can I bring to the table? Where do I want to go with my career? What is the meaning of life? Does my dog still love me? Speaking of Downtown, can Anna please stop by and rub my back to make me feel better?

*In honor of my commitment to embrace change, a la husband, I'm going to assume that the iron is going to make me feel GRRRRREAT with no side effects. I look forward to having the energy to get out of bed more. Thank you blood test for figuring that out for me.

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