Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We're Back!

Now is the time that I wish I was a good photographer.

Jeff + me + my parents went on a form of a babymoon to Key West this past weekend. (I know, everyone babymoons with their parents right? But I'm glad we did or Jeff would have spent his entire trip outside the hotel alone).

I LOVED it! I love the architecture and the shrimp and sunshine. I am totally meant to live in a coastal city. I can feel it in my bones. One day. (Miami doesn't count - if it's historical in Miami people wonder why it hasn't been torn down yet - which leads to a lot of nice modern architecture but not much of a beach feel. I like my history and my old beach houses)

While I didn't get to do much I was incredibly proud of myself for the following:

1) Eating dinner out at a restaurant
2) Eating breakfast out at a restaurant
3) Walking 6 blocks to pick myself up some lunch
4) Trading in the bed for a pool lounger and reading half a book.
5) Swimming

Sounds normal to the average eye, but believe me, these were milestones people!

What helped was that our beautiful hotel was within walking distance to all the action Key West had to offer so I never had to venture far which made me feel super secure if I suddenly got sick and needed to rush "home."

Jeff spent a lot of time exploring the island alone and having meals with my parents. He, as always, was a real trooper. They love having him around and I was super sad I missed out on a lot of the action. Especially their tour on this baby:

From Sail Key West

So jealous this was not me.

But from my hotel room I plotted out our next trip with baby in tow. Can't wait!

And now enjoy a photo I stole from the hotel website.

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