Thursday, January 31, 2013

Keepin' it Real

Just got back from my 28 week appointment (Yay! 28 weeks! - Feels like a real milestone for some reason).

And I got some sobering news that actually made me feel better.

From the beginning of this endeavor I knew that uterine fibroids increase your risk of pre-term labor. Mine especially because of the location of the fibroid. But NO doctor would acknowledge this to me. "Don't worry about it" "Let's think about that later". Etc.

I understand they don't want to worry me but I worry more when I don't feel mentally prepared.

Finally today was the day that a doctor looked me straight in the face and told me that no one thinks I'm going to make it to 39 or even 38 weeks. Basically there is high possibility that I will go into labor early but obviously no one knows for sure. And he took the time to reassure me everything would be o.k. But I took it all in with a big sigh of relief.

Finally I can get prepared for the possibility. I tell Little Drawler every night to stay put and beef up and I maintain my self-imposed partial bed rest, which the doctor seemed to think was a good idea. But other than that there is nothing much I can do but get ready for anything.

Maybe I'm crazy and all of this will suddenly seem much more horrifying later on. But for right now I'm going to think lots of positive thoughts, try to eat as much as possible, and go into crazy overdrive in getting everything ready.

Join me in sending positive vibes to little D to stay put for as long as possible.

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