Saturday, February 2, 2013

Attack of the Nester

Well reality slowly sunk in at the prospect of welcoming Little Drawler sooner than planned. I still feel like we will make it for longer than predicted. I'm stubborn and I've defied a lot of odds with this pregnancy so far. So I'm thinking hard positive thoughts and trusting that everything will work out no matter what.


I did wake up at about 5:30am with a ticker tape worth of things to do RIGHT NOW that would not escape my brain. Kind of like wedding planning. Hopefully, I'll be more on top of this than that.

So after mulling things over again and again and again I got up at 6:30, ate a bowl of cereal, and made one large, terrifying list of things that need to be done, preferably before Little Drawler makes her grand debut. Due to my limited capacity to do anything, this list mainly falls to JTS. Which is hard for me because I do not like asking for help or relying on other people to do things for me. But I'm learning to deal with this because I simply don't have a choice. (I may have burst into tears yesterday because I started feeling super pukey and couldn't even help clean the dog crate - nothing like feeling totally useless!)

Then at 6:45 after I made the list I went crazy washing all the baby clothes I have (a lot of which are vintage fashions from my own baby days so require extra care) and then by 8:30 I made JTS get up, sans shower and coffee, and take me to Target where I bought many tiny baby hangers.

Purchasing baby clothes hangers = sigh of relief. I ask you: What was I going to do with all those newly cleaned 80's dresses without hangers?!  Right this second!?

When we got back I made him do more errands and go get the car seat. By this point I had overextended myself and required a lie down.

But now we have baby hangers and a car seat.

TCB'ing baby!

There is a lot of list to go so hopefully Little Drawler has found a cozy perch to chill out while I freak out.

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