Saturday, February 9, 2013

Evolution of a Nursery

In my bedroom digital command center I've spend a lot of time obsessing over the nursery. There is a high likelihood this may be my only child and I WANT TO MAKE IT PERFECT.

But alas, perfection runs into budgets and the dual side of my personality that acknowledges the baby won't care or remember any of this. So I've been all over the place.

I like bright, happy colors, and lots of patterns. Floral, geometric, polka-dots - I love them all. The problem is I usually can't reign myself into a cohesive look. I want it all and I want it now! My wedding colors (basically the rainbow) reflect this indecision/love of color. And that's where I started with the nursery.

My first choice was Singing in the Rain from Land of Nod. I asked and received everything below for Christmas.

But then when I got it- it seemed a little TOO bright.

And overnight I became a girly girl of the first order. Having told everyone that I eschew pastels and anything that smacks of traditional baby - that is suddenly all I want. Later, I'll give you a sneak peak into my baby girl's clothes which are ALL pastel pink and too cute!

Who am I? I have no idea anymore.

So my next bedding pick was Heart of Gold from Rosenberry Rooms:

Beautiful right? Still a nice big pattern to suit my soul, but subdued and reasonable colors that fit into one color scheme. Unfortunately, this set is muy $$$$ and will have to wait until I make my millions (the fortune teller TOLD my mom I would make millions by the end of my 30's - still waiting on that).

So I got focused and decided that yes I can (!)  just pick out 2-3 colors in a normal person color scheme. I will not be missing out on some other awesome color I tell myself on repeat. 2-3 color rooms rooms look cohesive and beautiful and pulled together. Giving yourself design rules actually gives you more freedom right?

So I started this board on Pinterest.

I realized I wanted peaches, corals, and pinks in the nursery with maybe a few yellow and grey accents. I know, I know, still a lot of colors - but hey I'm trying!

At first I was going to go my own way and mix and match pieces. A challenge for me, because I really have NO idea what I'm doing when it comes to interior design.  I really liked these fabrics E, C, F specifically but when I got the samples they were much to rough for a baby sheet.

Then I jumped for joy when I found this entire set at Land of Nod!

Done and done.

A little more pink than peach, but I can augment with peach/coral accents. I got a white glider which should go nicely together.

The truth is I feel really bad about myself when I copy others ideas or designs. It was a huge problem for me in poetry land because copying others poetry styles often helps you get better and find your own style and I would categorically refuse to do this.

Same for me and interiors. But I'm going to stop trying to pretend to know what I'm doing. I'm going to give myself permission to straight up copy until I get better at defining my own style.

By then my daughter will probably have her own style so I won't even need to bother. Relief.

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