Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I am a woman in love.

A little reminder of the NY Resolution I'm still tackling.

8) Watch and read the news, facebook, and twitter WAY less. Other people can save the world through retweets for awhile.

I've been doing A+ awesome on giving up Twitter. Cold turkey, I got you covered.

Reading the news: so - so, but without twitter at least I wasn't reading about the same story on six different sites full of angry rhetoric. So I guess I count that as less news.

But I was having a real hard time with Facebook. If you feel craptastic and just want to distract yourself Facebook and Bejeweled work wonders but I promised to do Facebook less, so with much hesitation I gave up Facebook for Lent. It's really only been hard when I get bored and need distraction so now I've upped my news consumption. Ahh well, maybe giving up all three was a lot to take on.

But what do I do with all the awesome and clever Facebook updates that my inner life narrator shoots across my brain all day long? It's like little magnificent gems that no one gets to polish or "like" until my self-confidence is boosted for the day. What did my inner life narrator look like before there was Facebook? I think it used to look like incredibly well-written diary entries that people in the future would marvel on and write separate books about my genius.

So, my adoring public, wait no further for the amazing status updates you've been missing:

1) Barbara Streisand's "Woman in Love" has replaced Frampton's entire music catalog as the song that stalks me the most.
2) My dog has now taken to wearing a polo shirt with the collar popped. Just like dad. 
3) Glider purchased!
4) Finally wrote my thank you notes from Christmas
5) Why does pregnancy make your legs feel like lead?

Hmm.. I don't think anyone is going to write a book about my genius now. 

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