Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Favorite Photo from Florida

Your mother smells of elderberries!
One day, right after we moved here, we were greeted by this little crab hiding underneath our car. My dear, wonderful car that I'd had for 10 wonderful years. My incredible Ford Escape that had over 100,000 miles of memories that was eventually taken out by a drunken grandmother on a busy intersection. Ah Miami- your drivers are truly the worst or they are just drunk and texting. Possibly both.

But I digress.

Anytime you peeked down at the Little Crab that Could he would cling to the tire and dramatically wave his one large claw in our general direction.

We retreated (to get the camera).

We live on a street that has water access and during crab hatching/mating season the closer you get to the water the more crabs and crab holes you see.

Unfortunately for this little guy he was pretty much the farthest away from water and the closest you can get to a German Shepard and a Rhodesian Ridgeback on our street.

After several threatening gestures he eventually scuttled away, probably thinking he won the human v. crab battle, still waving his big claw at every car and dog in sight while he headed out into an incredibly busy intersection.

I admire his spirit of invincibility. His raw courage and chutzpah.

I hope he fared better than my Ford Escape. Or that he met another confused, yet confident crab on the way and they realized that water was in the other direction.

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