Saturday, March 23, 2013

O.k., I can't help myself

I really really don't like to pick on pregnant celebrities. On top of all the misery that pregnancy can bring they have to be scrutinized and photographed and followed. I certainly wouldn't want all that added pressure. Celebrities are just like you and me! (Except I do want whatever royal drug they gave the Duchess to make her feel better).


My lips can no longer remain sealed over the horror show that is Kim Kardashian's "maternity" wardrobe. Girl just looks plain terrible. Pencil skirts? Peplum pants? Tiny heels? It's like she is trying to hide being pregnant by just pretending it's not happening.

I started feeling bad for Kim (well, this is one of many instances) when she got rid of all her clothes because Kanye didn't like them. Seriously? I understand wanting your mate to like the way you look but if he doesn't like anything you own - that could be the sign of a problem. It's also a sign of a problem if you are super willing just to toss out your entire wardrobe with nary a thought of what you would like.

I'm not sure what bothers me so much about this wardrobe fiasco. Maybe that she has access to massive amounts of money, stylists, make up artists, photographers, therapists - whatever floats her boat and she still is forcing herself into clothes that must not only be completely uncomfortable (did I mention the tiny heels!? the super tight, non-elastic waist skirts?) but are completely unflattering. I mean is she going to keep getting bigger and bigger pencil skirts to hoist over her baby in the hopes that no one knows?

O.k. Kim. I'll stop picking on you. And I really do apologize for this post. But please for the love of God go and enjoy being pregnant and rich and buy something really nice that enhances your "bump" and doesn't make you look like you just ate too much Cheesecake Factory, not that I'm jealous of that or anything.

Follow Kourtney's example not Kanye!

Editor's Note: Please forgive author for this snarky post. She and her hormones are tired of each other. She is admittedly very jealous of all pregnant women who have enjoyed their pregnancy and can walk around in cute pregnancy dresses and eat real food. 

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