Monday, April 8, 2013

I'm an overly obsessive American mom and I'm not alone. Whew.

I just happened upon this wonderful, Daisy life reaffirming post today. A mom lamenting her lame and often unnecessary pre-baby "must-haves" list. And then her reevaluations.

Perfect timing! Wipe that sweat off my brow.

Although I will pat myself on the back for not buying nearly as much stuff as she has listed. I've been lucky to get a lot of things as hand me downs or gifts so my guilt factor will not be terribly huge if I'm wrong about something.

I've also forced myself to exercise some unDaisy like prudence in purchasing. For example, I only bought 2 baby bottles just in case she hates the brand I picked. I'm also getting a breast pump from my insurance company and duh, they are making that terribly difficult - so I may not get a brand choice - oh well. I've passed on the diaper pail for the time being because I know I want to switch to cloth once I get the hang of this newborn thing - could be silly (not to mention smelly) but I figure I can always midnight Amazon order when I know fer sure I need something. (I've also pressed pause on the humidifier, diaper rash ointment, books, lovies, dangly toys, anything involving eating solids, nasal aspirator, etc)

What I'm thinking after these articles:

1) Good to know that tiny pants are unnecessary because I was so so obsessing over only having 3 pairs.

2) I have a million Trumpette socks. This baby's feet will stay warm and sweaty in Miami! (just wait for the woolen knit ones she is coming home from the hospital in - weather predicted for the day: 90 degrees)

3) I'm pretty sure my choice of baby tub is absurdly large and not practical.
But it looked so scientific in the free baby magazines at my doctor's office!

4) For someone who is obsessive on organics and natural everything I will sadly report Lil Drawler has almost nothing that is natural or organic besides her baby wash and an organic Swaddle Me I got on sale. I am hoping the glass baby bottles work. Because I really don't like plastic. But as with all things pregnancy and baby I've learned to let go of preconceived notions.

5) Gosh darn-it - if it's only for photo-ops she will wear every single one of these 80's dresses and cute outfits at least once. I may be in my pj's, hair unwashed, but she doesn't get a pass just 'cause she is a baby. If anything, the pressure is all on her tiny shoulders.

Sorry Lil Drawler- it's the way the cookie crumbles.

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