Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Out to Lunch

Time to get used to cutesy bears I think.
So this will be my last post pre-baby. Crazy how time actually did pass? Around week 20 I thought I would drag myself into the street, hopeful a gang of rabid parrots would take me out. Thank you Lord for not listening to my plaintive cries to just kill me already. I would have regretted that.

I can't wait to be back online but I'm not sure how soon that will be. I'm giving myself a big fat stretch of leeway when it comes to getting back to life.

I'm a mixture of excitement, anxiety, nerves, terror, and relief. Seems about right when you are bringing a new human into the world in a method that bears no resemblance to anything nature ever planned.

Top excitements:
1) Eating a Turkey Tom sandwich from Jimmy John's with extra meat and sprouts
2) Eggs Benedict
3) Smoked salmon
4) Oh yeah, meeting the Lil Drawler.

Top terrors:
1) C-section
2) Breastfeeding (What if it sucks?*)
3) Post-partum depression
4) Colic  (I'm not a nice person when I don't sleep)

Top hopes:
1) Lil Drawler has JTS's wavy hair - you'll never regret that one baby! Trust me.
2) My taste buds come back.
3) The doctor is not afraid of post surgery pain management.
4) Oh yeah, Lil Drawler is happy and healthy and cries pretty much instantly when she is rudely removed from her cozy nest- don't leave mama hanging on the other side of the "modesty" curtain!

Last thing to do in preparation is to put up my poster of Babies the Movie, to remind myself, when all seems fraught with disaster and I'm doing nothing right, of the little Namibian baby with only a string around his waist for a diaper, eating dirt out of a stream surely polluted with giardia, playing with two rocks, happy as a clam.

All will be well, and all manner of things will be well.

*Pun intended

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