Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I Haven't Got Time for The Pain

Yeah, I think I recycled this title from another post a long time ago about actual physical pain. But this time I'm talking metaphorical pain.

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I'm crazy, psychotic obsessed with the news. I gotta few issues that I'm really really into and nothing in the world can shut me up about them.
Women's rights!
Women's reproductive rights!
All children deserve access to food, shelter, and medical care!

And I'm super vocal about the politics/politicians that dare to disagree with me. I've been known to write a letter to a politician or two or circulate a petition or annoy the hell out of people around me.

But to find out the news that I cared about,  I found myself becoming obsessed with other news out there. The endless (absolutely endless) tragedies that abound - whether human (Boston bombing), weather (tornados), environment (drowning polar bears), health (antibiotic resistant super bugs), political (congress unable to accomplish anything due to finger pointing).....etc.

You get the point.

On top of my daily, obsessive news diet I packed in a lot of crime drama and intense movies and television.

But now with Lil Drawler I find my appetite for destruction (if you will) to be a lot less. Not to belittle these tragedies but how much can posting something on Facebook about "solidarity" and "never forgetting" help anyone who actually needs help?

I don't think this is cynical. I think my energy can be much better devoted to events happening around me. There is too much happiness in the world, too many good things, too many horrible lullaby cds with songs I totally forgot about out there to be bogged down in the mire of misery we humans are weaving for ourselves through tv and the webs.

I think that's why I love my mormon mom blogs. I know how your day can seem impossible and nothing is going right. I know what it's like to be unsure about your every decision. I know what it's like to scream at your husband in a fit of exhausted rage. I don't need to read about it elsewhere. I like their pollyannaesque life (with little bits of realism thrown in). Pretty moms! Pretty babies! Pretty dinner  on the table every night! No one even looks tired or like they hate each other.

Did you see the episode of Mad Men where everyone sang Father Abraham? Do you remember the pure joy of singing that song? I loved that song and would sing it with anyone who cared to do it with me (usually my brother). I loved CandyLand and Hi Ho Cherry O with total abandon. Getting to play the princess on Mario Brothers 2 literally MADE a good day.

Having a baby (even this early on in the game) has made me all the more aware of how good simple, fun things are. People were doing terrible things to each other while I played Oregon Trail and taped songs off the radio and they will be doing horrible things whether I pay attention or not (into infinity and beyond)!

And for the time being, I'm totally over it.

Off to watch some rated PG movies and bask in the glory of the Mormon spring on the mom blogs

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