Monday, June 3, 2013

A Random Collection

My cluttered brain shoots out a bizillion random thoughts a moment that I could turn into blog posts. But recently I'm feeling far too lazy to actually flesh them out beyond the initial, momentary observation.

So please find here, collected in the butterfly net of my blog, the most recent smatterings.

#1 When you are pregnant, or a mom, lots of people say lots of annoying things. Straight to your face! I would assume/hope that they think they are being helpful. But most of the time they aren't. My current least favorite saying is, "Well, at least she (i.e. Lil Drawler) got here safely and that's all that matters." Last week I was chatting with a neighbor when I casually mentioned I had a c-section and made a frowny face. She responded with, "Well, I had two and they weren't that bad and she (pointed look at Lil D) got here safely and that's all that matters." In other words, shut your mouth whiner (pointed look at me!)

Well, duh.

I, too, am super glad Lil Drawler got here safely. That mattered quite a bit to me, in fact. I put 38 weeks of effort into achieving that goal.  But I believe that even though I have crossed the finish line into momland me and my experiences still matter.

I think we can peacefully co-exist in a world where the fact that my c-section was the pits does not exclude the fact that I want the baby to get here safely.

Call me selfish but I don't understand why part of mom culture means that once you got the baby here you and your thoughts and feelings, you, holder of the baby making uterus, no longer are supposed to matter.

I think I still matter. And I think Lil Drawler still matters. And both of us can matter together.


Sometimes in Miami businesses have funny names. Sometimes its hard to tell if something is lost in translation between English and Spanish and/or Portugese or if that's really the sentiment the business owner was going for.

My first favorite was the children's day care: Great Balls of Fire Daycare Center.
This could mean two things in my mind. One: children are big balls of fun energy! We have fun here! or Two: We are a weird religious cult that will punish your children as to avoid the big ball of fire known as HELL.

OR three: We really really love Jerry Lee Lewis, and will teach your child to love him too.

My latest favorite is a brand new children's boutique: Baby Tots Den.

There are no possessives here, so I'm assuming all three words encompass everything the store wants. It's for babies. It's for tots. It's about their dens? Or the store is a den for baby and tots? There is expensive stuff in the Baby Tots Den so I'm wondering if this was translated into another language it would be more upscale?

So what do you think Baby Tots Den means?

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