Friday, August 9, 2013

Ch ch ch changes!

It is a fact universally acknowledged that I don't like change.
Like any good child of divorce I never have. Hopefully, eventually, I will. Because as we all know, "the only constant is change."

Something is in the air or stars when it comes to real estate, relocation, and moving. My whole family (and now me) have spent 2013 playing musical house and now I want to tuck into my turtle shell and have someone wake me up when it's over.

1) I have to move. 
The house we currently live in sold in a week. Yes. One whopping week. After a month of hemming and hawing we have a place. I'll tell you where and why and how next week. But, while I'm happy we have a place, we only signed a 7 month lease so we will be on the move again around Lil' D's 1st birthday.

2) My mom and step-dad sold their house.
This is not the house I grew up in, but it has been in my step-dad's family since  before HE was born so I'm quite comfortable there. I've had a Christmas there every year since I was 5. My parents have personally lived there for ten years. It's home. It's beautiful. I love it. And it's gone. And now Christmas plans are in total disarray and for the person who dislikes change there is nothing more I love than a nice solid tradition. We might as well throw caution to the wind at this point and have Christmas at Disney! Or Montana! Or a tropical isle! Everything has been torn asunder.

I guess we will always have this video of our very stripped down home to remember her by.

3) My mom and step-dad are making a huge addition to their home in Virginia.
This was the reason the house was sold in Alabama. But I loved the cozy cottage feel of the little house in the woods with the great porch and view. At first the cozy cottage was going to be completely gutted to be part of the new addition. I balked. Loudly. Now, the old house is going to be the guest house with a much larger structure built off to the side. But I like cozy and small so I'm going to ignore this is happening until I have to step inside a finished product.

4) My grandmother's house sold.
Another house I grew up in and spent many many holidays in. 33 years of personal history - poof! Gone in an instant. My grandmother cries pretty much anytime you mention it, but at 93 she really couldn't live "alone" anymore. Now she has a beautiful apartment in a retirement community where they cook all her meals for her. That she likes.

Well, folks, that's why I've been MIA. My belongings are in boxes, we are researching POD systems, and I have 20 more days in this abode I've been lucky to call home for the past 2 years.

More to come!

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Katherine said...


My dad has our house on the market. We have been there since I was 3! (Well, the house did burn down, but then we rebuilt. Same property since I was 3)...

Also, moving makes me want to hurl.

Good luck! I have left town for the last three moves and Russ has done it all by himself. He likes that better than me hovering around being unhelpful, with children underfoot. And I hate moving so- win/win.