Sunday, August 25, 2013


I've gotten ants in my brain pants recently. And I simply cannot sleep at night.

What time am I writing this? 2:09 AM, Eastern Time. So forgive me if I'm loopy.

I blame the baby - because that's easy.

But honestly, it doesn't take much to keep me tossing and turning. And honestly, that baby has discovered how to roll over and she now cries on the hour every hour and, as any mom out there knows, your brain is suddenly hardwired to jolt awake at any whimper so after a couple of hours of this I'm unrelaxed central.

I'm getting very excited about my move. I'm excited about all the possibilities that living in a city that doesn't cost your second born affords you. I'm excited to have that extra financial room to breathe. I'm excited about being around friends again. I'm excited to be so close to the pan-handle of Florida, the lake, and some of my favorite food. I'm excited for 'Lil D to get to experience some of the things I loved about childhood. I'm excited to explore Birmingham as a newbie. It's gotten a lot of good press out there recently. I'm excited to use this opportunity to put the ghosts of my childhood to bed. To embrace my future. To embrace the monogram and the hairbow.

While I consider Virginia my home (really I do) this is a nice spot to land in.

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