Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Let's Pretend I Have Sponsors

'Lil D enjoying some mountain air.
Since I have a grand total of three readers, sponsors aren't exactly beating down my bloggering door.

But if I had a sponsor, one I would happily endorse is The High Hampton Inn where we stayed last weekend for my step-sister's wedding.

This place is simply awesome. If you enjoyed summer camp, you would love here!

The cabins themselves are a bit on the "rustic" side (but I mean that in the best possible way). At least Thorpe Cottage where we stayed. Don't expect luxuries, although the beds were a bit on the perfect side and the rooms were so dark we all slept like babies, even, thankfully, the baby. The furniture is lovingly used. If you can't fill a whole cabin but still want to stay in one, all the bedrooms are available individually from the cabins - so you can meet new friends in the common area. Even more like camp!

Most cabins don't have tv, phones, or internet. You have to go to the Inn for that. There is a library room downstairs in the Inn with old books and a t.v. that was going to show football games. Our cabin contained such literary hits as: The 1983 Social Register for Greater Miami.

That Miami. It follows me everywhere.
(If you were wondering, I didn't see anyone I knew)

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served everyday at the same times. Lunch is announced by bell. The food wasn't super amazing but it was solid camp food except for the exceptional "healthy food station" that made me a delish tofu noodle bowl right in front of my hungry face. Beef stroganoff was my fave. The food for the wedding was much more excellent.

For activities there are tennis, golf, great hiking, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, nearby shopping, and a spa (which I fully intend to try next time). JTS and I took 'Lil D for her first hike and then we dumped her with her grandmother and went on a brief canoe trip around the lake. But my favorite activity was waking up to that cool, mountain air smell mingled with moss. Heaven.

So you're welcome, High Hampton Inn, for this free post. One day, when I'm a famous blogger I'll need a free weekend stay and some of those delicious biscuits and gravy for this kind of thing.


Court | love court xoxo said...

Consider me your 4th reader!

Daisy said...

Thanks! Your blog is beautiful!