Friday, November 8, 2013

Sh*t I Love, #1

Ed note: Sorta sorry for the thinly veiled profanity. It's just that I'm THAT excited about my sh*t. Or at least trying to be.

Do you come back from a quick perusal of Instagram or Pinterest (and by quick I mean an hour that was only an hour because the baby started crying) feeling exhilarated, inspired, and that your home looks like a pile of poo?

Like you decorated from a 1980's garage sale of your grandparent's basement? (And I mean that in the shag green carpet, broken porcelain horse figurine, and a shot glass that looks like a cowboy boot way.)

Because that's how I feel after a good hour pinning.

But I keep at the Instagramming and Pinning because one day I know I'm gonna be able to do one of these fabulous remodels of my home. But unfortunately for the present me I cannot even afford the "Low" version in a super sweet High/Low decorating scheme.

And sometimes this makes me sad.

A beautiful home I pinned for future inspiration
but really made me cry on the inside.

So I decided to fight back against the sad and start a little segment on LBIO called "Sh*t I Love." It's where I take a picture of sh*t I found around my house and remember that I like it.

So here is my first edition.

My wonderful sh*t!

1) Beautiful little bowls in my favorite colors. Like watercolor droplets of happiness.
2) Monogrammed linen cocktail napkins given to me as a wedding gift.
3) Awesome frame I picked up at an estate sale with one of my favorite photos of my dog inside. (And yes, that photo is blurry because I took it)
4) Small blue ceramic holder thing that I still haven't figured out what to do with. It has a mate. And actually DID come from my grandmother's basement.

And the coup de grace: The blanket the sh*t is on. I have loved it since I was eighteen and off to college. So soft and cuddly.

So get a good look. Are you feeling envious of my awesome sh*t? Envious enough to go out and waste an hour of your life photographing your awesome sh*t?


I've done my job.

Now e-mail me a photo of that sh*t and I'll post it up on this here blog to make errybody out there green with envy.  (daisydrawlerATgmailDOTcom)


Rikki Rivera said...

love these!

Anonymous said...

found you from making it lovely and I love your precious objects. Very pretty and definitely not excrement. But the title is an attention grabber no doubt.