Saturday, February 15, 2014

Movies for a snow day.

Might have seen a few of these
bumper stickers growing up. But yeah! Snow!

Since Birmingham is incredibly hilly and has maybe 2 trucks that throw sand down for the entire county- we usually play hard defense with snow storms (Or is it offense? I don't watch football that much). Here in Jefferson County everything shuts down 24 hours before the wintry mix threatens to stall out your car and prevent you from getting the VIP bread.

But! Sometimes we here folks get lax (and tired of getting made fun of). Like this past January where we were told there was going to be a light dusting of snow only to get 2 inches of ice without warning - everyone forgot for a second we were in Alabama - went to work and school (Ha Yankees! See! We Ain't Skeered!) and then (whoops) couldn't get home until the sun thawed it all out two days later.

JTS's drive home the next day. This is what happens when
you combine ice with no salt or sand and drivers that
have no experience with winter conditions.
Ever since that debacle (JTS narrowly avoided spending a night on his office floor and stayed at a friend's house) we have decided to go firmly back to our Alabama roots, Yankee laughter be damned. In the past two weeks school/work has been cancelled for 5 days I think? We are told to sit home, stay off the roads, and wait. And wait. And wait. And, as usual, nothing happens. It's just cold and grey (Birmingham is truly the ugliest city in winter) and then comes the hour's worth of snow. I remember rolling dirt into my snow to make a better snowman as a youth.

So it got me to thinkin' about my favorite winter movies. Movies that give you a warm cozy feeling and make you want to curl into a window seat in a Connecticut farmhouse and read your favorite book as you watch the flakes fall.

Here are my favorite snowy winter movies (in no particular order) that make it easier to pretend it's actually snowing.

1. Beautiful Girls - If you've never seen this movie hop on over to Netflix and get it. A super young and extremely talented Natalie Portman, Michael Rapaport before he got weird looking, and a cast of female leads to break your heart. They tried to make a t.v. show out of this move, October Road, that, like a lot of shows now, was just starting to get good when they canceled it. But I think you can watch it on Hulu and it is well worth it.

2. Little Women - I don't really need to sell this one. Lovely cast, lovely story, lovelier Christian Bale. Enjoy with a cup of cocoa, a quilt, and a knitting project.

3. Wonder Boys - I keep meaning to read the book but I just love this movie SO much I can't make myself. I spent so many years in the academic world of English majors I can relate to the literary institutions (and people) this movie pokes the gentlest fun at  (like "Word Fest"). It makes snow seems so warm and funny.

4. Grumpy Old Men - My brother and I loved this movie so much that we could quote Burgess Meredith lines hither and thither. Funny, sweet, and endearing.

5. The Family Stone - This movie gets panned all over the place but I love a sweet, wholesome movie. Get out the tissues! First for the cringing, then for the sadness, then for the sweetness. Also, good with cocoa. Or red wine.

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